Friday, January 18, 2008

Not So Spring Cleaning

As much as I hate cleaning, I do love a clean house. Who doesn't? It is time for spring cleaning...a little early. I'm taking one room in my house a day. Organizing cupboards, wiping floors and walls, throwing away junk! Today is kitchen day. I hope to clean out the refrigerator, organize under the sink, clean my oven, and scrub the floors. Hopefully by the end of the week I will have a sparkly and de-cluttered house... at least for a few days.
No before pictures ( are you kidding! ) I may post after pictures though!


Sarah said...

Ohhhh I see why you cancelled our playdate want to organize without me!!! My labelmaker and I are insulted! ;)

Joani said...

And then off to my house you come. Seriously I am so bad at organizing. I have a place for everything, but it sure does not always look organized, and I hate clutter. Never a good combo.
Glad Veda's test went well. I hope you get some good results in 2weeks.