Friday, January 25, 2008


Literally... unfortunately.
I had the most poo filled 2 hours of my LIFE..It starts like this.....
* 10 am* Me and August and Veda are off to the mall to buy some ballet shoes, and tap shoes for her new class that starts at 11. I figure we have time to buy the shoes and then have a snack at the coffee shop.
*10 :20* We bought both shoes and are having snacks in the food court. August gets this look on his face like he is uncomfortable. I ask if he is poopy and he say "I want pee in the potty" So I say that is fine and go to check his diaper first..its FULL of diarrhea. The smell hit me like a slap in the face..gross. I look at the clock and think we should go now and change him in the car.
* 10:30* After carrying a heavy 2 year old down half the mall cause he wont walk with his pants full of soup, we get to the car and I search for a, one left! Then I look for the wipes..and look..and look... NO WIPES! AHHH. The car is filling with the scent of, well I'm sure you can guess. SO I look at the clock and realize we HAVE to go home before dance class.
*10:35* I make my poor kid sit in his car seat, even though he is protesting.. I would too if I had a diaper full of runny poop. I speed ( slightly) home.
*10:43* I pull in to the garage, take August out of the car, and run inside. I change him FAST, and am amazed by my speed. I grab him and go back in to the car. I start buckling him and the smell is SO GROSS. I also notice I am buckling a wet buckle. WTH?? I take a closer look and realize his poop had earlier leaked in to his seat :( I had thrown his blanky IN TO the poopy seat when I grabbed him a few minutes ago. So now, I have a boy who is sitting in a poo filled car seat. YUCK YUCK YUCK.
*10:50* I RUN back in to the house, get August a WHOLE new outfit. Next I yank out his car seat and replace it with his other one.( This one had been cleaned thoroughly since he barfed in it last week) Under the dirty one is the pack of wipes I couldn't find at the mall!
*10:55* On my way!! ( Again) Luckily the dance studio is only about 4 to 7 minutes away, depending on lights, and slow drivers.
*11:01* We made it. The earlier class is running a few minutes behind. We go in and watch the class. They let you on the first day. Half way through, I notice August is stinky and realize he really needs a bath. I ask him if he wants to go pee in the potty. (Slightly trying to potty train) He says yes and we leave the class. While in the bathroom, I look in his diaper before I take it off. IT'S FULL OF SOUPY POOP AGAIN!!!!!!
*11:30* I go back to the class and grab my purse to get my keys. I then run to my car which is right outside and grab a diaper and wipes. I put him on the changing table and start to change his diaper. The room is filling with the scent of icky sticky crap. Of course then like 4 parents and their kids are filing in and out. I was SO embarrassed. Here is my HUGE 2 year old on this tiny changing table with stinky poop. Its running out of his diaper down his back. On his shirt, on the changing was everywhere. All the while the kids are staring in horror, and the parents are trying to get their kids away from my large stinky boy.
*11:45* we leave, head home. Veda had a blast. I feel like I smell.I probably do. we get home and I start a bath right away. On the way to the bath holding August I hear a loud noise. We get to the bathroom and the shower curtain along with towels have fallen in to the full bathtub. FUN TIMES. Where is my wine bottle??


Adam's Mom said...

what a shitty day! Seriously, worst poop story I've heard!

Joani said...

Oh my goodness. I would have had a bottle of wine also. I bet his booty was hurting too.

DomandGabesmom said...

Poor August!! And poor you too! I hope he's feeling better!

Stephanie said...

Oh Dani! I want to bring you a bottle of wine now that I've read that!! I hope Auggie is feeling better... that is not fun at all. Poor you and poor him. Hugs.

BiBi said...

Oh man, I'm sorry you had such a bad day. Hope he's doing better :)