Sunday, June 7, 2009

A month ago today..I blogged.

That is a long time to take off blogging. I don't think I have any followers anymore! OOPS. Life gets in the way sometimes I guess.
School is almost over for the kids. They have some summer stuff planned, but now I'm not sure enough. The girls are fighting like crazy lately. It is really annoying and tires me out!
We went to Rosa's school camp last week. It was one of the best so far. We have been to 3. The kids had a blast, the parents and teachers taught fun classes too. It was beautiful there too, we got the best weather. Even if it was a little too hot, we had nice big trees for shade.

Today I actually got my camera out at the park and took a bunch of photos. My nephew is totally in to Auggie. It is very cute how he tries to copy him and follow him around a bit too.

He had just woken up and was not ready to smile for me.

Sam has amazing strength! I love the look on his face as he hangs there! ha ha I cant beleive how fast he is growing!!

Mama and her girls. Ruby just got the cutest hair cut.
They both wanted mama's lap.

Cousin hugs


Kathryn said...

Yeah! You blogged again! Hooray! And you blogged amazing pictures of your kids! Double hooray!

BiBi said...

Hi Dani!
Love your pictures - Your kids are adorable! =) So glad to see you blogging. Your nephew is growing too fast!

Little Contents said...

I love these photos, Dani. They are so full of life and character.
I'm just catching up on blogging again too - I think I stopped because the good weather has kept us outside so much.
How is your schedule looking for a boy playdate?