Sunday, June 14, 2009

Funny Talk

While at camp a few weeks back, Sebastian and I got to witness the teaching of a 4 year another 4 year old.
August was sitting with his buddy who is about 8 months older than him. This boy has a excellent vocabulary; he talks perfect, and is always a wealth of 4 year old knowledge.
They are sitting across from one another chatting away..
Boy " This is your pointer finger" he holds up his pointer and shows August.
August looks at his fingers and holds up his middle finger instead.
Boy " Oh no, you can use that finger, that one is BAD LUCK!" So they both put the middle fingers up and look at them before going on to the others.. Me and Sebastian are cracking up at how serious the conversation was and how cute they were.
Boy" Now this is your thumb, it means everything is good" So they both hold up their thumbs and smile, so pleased with themselves.
After that we left the boys on the grass to do more important finger talking.


Kathryn said...

That is HILARIOUS! Did you laugh where they couldn't see you?

blissfully mundane said...

if only we all had someone like the boy to tell us about important stuff!

Little Contents said...

hee hee. 4 year olds could probably teach all of us a thing or too.