Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Computer glitch

I have tons of photos..from the zoo, and the park the other day. My problem is my computer keeps freezing when I try to access them. SUPER annoying.

I went to the dentist yesterday..good news NO cavities! WOOHOO. I have a really nice dentist, after all the years of crappy ones and as a child mean ones.

I REALLY want a Rootbeer float, that sounds so good I could even see myself going to the store to get the ingredients.

My Veda only has 3 more days of preschool then she is officially a kindergartner! Amazing how fast time flies. She is going to do great, I know it.


blissfully mundane said...

what's your plan for the pictures? i have tons too and not sure how to store them.

do you think the rootbeer float could be maybe a reward for the no-cavities report from the dentist? mini yah mouth prize...

BiBi said...

My problem with the pictures is that I needed to charge my camera and I was too lazy to look for the charger.
It takes a while to drain the battery so I forget where I place the charger LOL!
WTG on the no cavities!
I thought Veda was in Kindergarten for some reason? So Auggie and Veda will be back to back in grade level?

Little Contents said...

Definitely a love/hate relationship with computers!
mmm...root beer floats. now you've got me craving!