Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer is here!

Woohoo! A super nice hot day! Finally. The kids are also officially out of school. I'm excited for them. Veda girl started her first soccer lesson today. Its a group called Kids Love Soccer. They're all about learning how to play and doing drills and games with each other. They don't really compete at this level. It is all about fun, which I like for a 4 year old. She looked so cute in her cleats and shin guards.

I'm excited for the kids to try new stuff this summer. For our family vacation in August and my girls weekend in 3 weeks.
I'm also happy to watch my garden grow int he back yard. I have a few more touches but I think I'm almost done planting for the season. Planting right now is risky too, their isn't as much rain and the plants have a harder time getting established.
In the crafts area, I'm working on a apron for my mom, and finished a nightgown for August..yes nightgown. He wanted one like his sisters, so I bought some pirate themed fabric and made a sleeveless night shirt. He LOVES it. I must say he looks quite girly. They had PJ day at his preschool and he wore it that day. Any time a mom would comment on it like say "Nice jammies" or " I like your night shirt" He would correct them " No, it's a nightGOWN!" It was hilarious.


Stephanie said...

Nightgown! That is priceless!!

Kathryn said...

Yeah for summer! We're excited for the nice weather, too.

August's nightgown was AWESOME! Reminds me of my favorite letter- ARRRR! Hee hee!