Sunday, June 15, 2008


Last week we went to Spring Camp with Rosa's school. It was fun ,but also a lot of work. The kids had outdoor classes every day. Hiking, building little rockets, art, dance, and cooking. They also had a sea lab class where they learned about the sea life in that area.
We were staying at Fort Casey. It is right on the water with old bunkers and tons of beautiful wild life.
A day didn't go by that I didn't see at least one deer, rabbits hopping in front of me, or some other animal.
The food was fantastic too. A few parent were in charge of the menu, and the food was SO GOOD. They had a vegetarian option with every meal. We had spaghetti and garlic bread one night, and curry tofu skewers and veggies another night...breakfast was just as good. Homemade pancakes, French toast and yummy scrambled eggs with tons of cheese.
Veda really had a great time. All the siblings of the kids get together and do art project and tag along to some of the classes as well. Veda was even in the talent show with Rosa. They were so cute. They sang a Hannah Montana song with one other girl.
I am happy to be home. We have been recovering from he go go go life style we were having at camp.

HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!! To all the wonderful dads in the world. We love you and appreciate you! Dad, Mick, and Sebastian( not my dad of course but a wonderful dad to my lovely children) :)


Jocie said...

That last picture is adorable!

Ida said...

aww looks like fun!