Monday, June 23, 2008

Biking, sewing, and biting..

Rosa and August had fun riding bikes today in our driveway. They were both in to trying new tricks. August found that he can sit backwards on his trike and push the wheels with his hands. He was very proud of his new way of bike riding.

I finished my moms apron.. it looks o.k I probably wont buy the apron kit again. I want to try one on my own now. the material is a bit thin, and it turned out a little small.. but I finished it in about 3 hours total.

Funny story, yesterday we were in the car heading towards dinner at a new Italian place. From the back seat we hear "owwe" I asked him what happened and he says " its biting me" I ask him what is biting him and he says " my 'mowf ' is biting my 'finda' " ( my mouth is biting my finger). I said in order to fix that he should just take his hand out of him mouth. He says "ohhh!" and laughs. It was pretty funny.


BiBi said...

Auggie is so funny! The apron look really cool!

Adam and Megan's Mom said...

haha silly August!

Joani said...

I think you did a good job in the apron. August cracks me up. Sounds like him and Abby talk the same. I love the toddler talk.

Ida said...

Auggie is a crack up! Loving the apron like the colors alot.