Saturday, June 21, 2008


There is a loose tooth in the house! No, thank goddess it isn't mine ha ha. Rosa has her first legitimate loose tooth. For the last year she has been claiming to have one. Trying to practically pry one from her mouth after each of her friends and cousins lose theirs. Now, it IS official. Good thing, since Sebastian promised her she would loose one this summer. The girl is 7 years old, going in to 2nd grade with ALL her baby teeth. With her luck she will loose them all at once..that would be a good picture!


Joani said...

WOOHOOO Rosa. I know she must be thrilled. Does the tooth fairy visit...isn't it double when you haven't lost a single tooth by the age of 7 :)

Ida said...

ha Gianna lost hers late too. She is barely getting her front teeth finally. Loving the pics.