Saturday, September 4, 2010


We made it though the first week of school!!! The girls are loving it really. August is warming up. He has not cried but he usually completely falls apart within 2 minutes of pick up. That tell me he is trying hard to hold it together all day at school. That is my boy. He keeps asking me when he will learn to read " Will I learn to read tomorrow mom?" I keep telling him it takes time, but that excuse is not going to work too much longer. I think he thought it would be like a light bulb, once he walked in to kindergarten he would magically know how to read. Hopefully he wont have to hard of time. Veda learned really quickly, but Rosa took a while. She actually didn't really get it until the summer before 1st grade. Now she is a crazy champion reader.
Although not a reader yet, my boy did learn to ride a bike last week! Woohoo, that means all my kids learned at 5 and under..yeah I'm bragging. Now if he could just master wiping...but that is another story.

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