Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day Of School

Wow today was a big first!
August went off to kindergarten today which means ALL of my kids are in elementary. I can barely believe it. Makes me sentimental...and old ha ha.
The girls did great of course, they are so used to school now. Rosa and Veda ran ahead and found their new desks while August hung on of the pillar in front of the entrance door.

He said he was not going to go in. I stood there and tried to sell him on all the cool things they do at school. What worked was when Rosa's friend walked by and said hi to him. He smiled at her and pretty much walked right in.. I see a crush blooming!

So now I have a few hours to myself. Hmm bon-bons or mani and pedi. RIGHT. I have a house to clean, pictures to edit and other not so fancy errands to run. I think that this day will go by fast, at least for me.
Cant wait to see how the kids do when they return!

Auggie and Veda at their desks in their k1 split class.


Kathryn said...

Your kids are beautiful and I loved that first picture of them all together! So sweet! I love how you get their personalities to show so much in the photos you take of your kids!

Anonymous said...

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