Monday, September 20, 2010


Little man at hospital number 1 after the drugs kicked in.

6 years, 3 kids and no accidents..until that fateful day..
Our beloved trampoline has betrayed us! Well if we are getting technical it was kind of Auggies own doing that broke his arm..
He was actually walking on the trampoline backwards and didn't realize that he was at the edge. He tumbles off on to the not so soft poll that helps hold up the trampoline. This resulted in two broken bones in his arm and a 6 hour /two hospital visit. LONG night.
Every one in both places thought he was a girl. Its the hair I know. Even with the dino shirt on!

All the nurses loved August and gave him a wheelchair to play in the halls ( while high on morphine lol) He pretty much went in circles using only one hand to wheel.

Auggie was very brave, he got an iv and later had to be sedated so they could fix his arm before cast number 1 was put on. At one point he was asked how many band-aids he wanted. He told the nurse very sweetly he would hold up his fingers. At first he held up two then changed his mind to he held up his middle finger to the lady who just gave him an IV lol. Of course all of us stifled our laughter because he has no idea what THAT means ha ha. He got his one band aid and a load of stickers.

Let me tell you, if you kid ever has to get his/her arm crackled back in to place... plug your ears and dont watch. It was gross and slightly heart breaking. Luckily August was heavily sedated. So much he started talking in his sleep.
So now he is stuck with a ugly cast ( he gets his colorful one on Friday) and a lame sling from the hospital. I thought about buying some cute fabric to make him one of those slings they teach you to make in first aid, but then stumbled across this great seller on Etsy SassySling . She makes customs slings! She already has some made and they are super cute. Enough to put a smile on a little ones face for sure! I ordered a awesome Spider-man sling of course! I cant wait to get it.


Kathryn said...

I hope he heals quickly and isn't hurting soon! Poor little guy! He looks so big and so little at the same time in the first pic! Give him gentle hugs from us, please!

Ike Diamonds said...

He looks way too happy there, is he doped up?

PS - What a mane of hair that kid has. I see some pro wrestling in his future.

Dani said...

yep Isaac, the morphine had really kicked in. Me and Sebastian cracked up at the wrestling comment.

Anonymous said...

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