Monday, July 7, 2008

Pee in the potty!!

Good news, despite the sad look he has on in the picture. Man those cheeks are cute.

O.K 3 days in a row my crazy son has been dry....there is a catch though. He will not poop in the potty. The first two days he asked for a pull-up, today we were home and it is warm, so around poo time ( yeah gross I know) I had him nakie. So all of a sudden he had this look on his face like...excuse the pun but "oh shit!" I grabbed him and told him to hold it and NOT to poop. I ran over Veda who was lying on the floor with HUGE roller skates on and in to the bathroom. I would LOVE to say we made it. I will save you all the details. So other than poop, he is pee trained. He does still wear a pull up at night. That has always been off and on anyway. I'm happy we are this far though. He is getting a kick out of his new glow in the dark Scooby Doo Undies.
My worry is that we are going camping tomorrow. I am a little shy about keeping him in underwear on the hour drive, but I know I need to be consistent..I just know how not fun it is to wash a car seat.


Allison said...

hey it's a great start though! We haven't begun here, mainly because I know it will be hard to be consistent... and Nolan's not pushing it so mama=lazy. We had discussed trying it in May, but I think realistically we'll wait until September and give it a go. I hope you guys get the poops down soon... messy! ;)

Stephanie said...

That is so great! WTG August! We are working on potty training, we're behind you but I hope to report that we're there soon. It's so hard!!

Hope Floats said...

Way to go, Auggie. Do you want all of those undies back? Ha ha.

Adam and Megan's Mom said...

Way to go that's awesome! wanna come potty train Adam? UGH