Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My son

I don't know if it is just his age, or his own personality emerging, but August is like no other. He really isn't like either of my kids. For one, he is pretty polite but not as much as the girls. He can be really quiet and he doesn't open up to strangers at all. In fact someone will say how cute he ( or she ha ha) is and he will get mad. Veda would at times be shy but never like this. She would look up and say thanks then grab my arm or hide in my legs. August will ignore people or get mad that they are giving him attention he doesn't want? Also he is the more defiant than the girls. This may, like I said have to do with his age, but dang it, it is frustrating too. August is definitely NOT a people pleaser. He doesn't usually cuddle with anyone but me or Sebastian, although will snuggle a grandparent every now and then, but not regularly. It really is bizarre raising 3 totally different kids. I mean I "think" I raise them pretty much the same. Yet they have these little blueprints already inside that they follow as well. I can only help them with it I guess..

I can remember before having kids thinking if you did everything right, your kids would turn out just how you wanted... ha ha oh ignorance is bliss. NOW I know.
I can think of about 4" I never" things that I said I wouldn't do as a parent. Silly me, judging parents when I was not one yet. Who knew extended nursing could be so natural, or co sleeping..I once said it was WEIRD! HA HA. Or what about how I was sure my kids would get no sugary treats and or watch TV unless it was teaching them something.. Its so funny to think of that stuff now. Actually most parents do what works for them. I will say there are some parenting things I feel strongly about like spanking... I also know that there have been times when I have been so frustrated and at a loss that it actually has crossed my mind. Luckily for me and my kids I remember why I chose my parenting values JUST in time.
I have to sleep! I must stop babbling :)


Hope Floats said...

But Dang it, Auggie is the most beautiful little boy I know. How could you not love that kid.

Jess said...

Hello... I am all over the "I would never" because there are so many that I do now!!! Ella and Gabriel are night and day different and even at 5 months old I can tell it. He is just so jolly and laid back, she has always been fiery and energetic, never wanting to miss a thing. He is snuggly and giggly, she is on the move all the time. I love them both dearly, I have no idea how the same genetic material contribution from Bob and me could give us two such different little people. :-) Auggie is the cutest boy, I just want to run my fingers through his hair (which now I know he would HATE!).

Adam and Megan's Mom said...

there are many things I said I would never do too. (I have spit on a blanket to wash his face too many times to count eeewww I know)

August is such a sweetheart.