Monday, July 28, 2008

He is so cute

cole and Sam, originally uploaded by pics of us.

I wish I could see my sweet nephew everyday.

Summer has been going good. August is doing well with his potty training. Rosa has been enjoying her summer camps, and Veda has been perfecting her bikes riding and helping skills. Really that girl LOVES to be a helper.
Me and Sebastian went to Lake Quinault this last weekend. It was so pretty. We hiked, swam, biked, and kayaked all in one DAY!. The first day we pretty much hung out with his work buddies. The last day we left to come home because we had a 3 hour drive. It was really pretty though there.


Adam and Megan's Mom said...

please tell me that while you were away you had time to read a certain book?

Ida said...

Sounds like a busy day. :)