Sunday, December 9, 2007


Surprise! We woke up to snow today! Not a lot, in fact just a dusting, but that didn't stop the kids from being super excited.

V and A decided to get dressed and go out and play in it. R decided to make snacks instead. This consisted of stale chocolate grahams dipped in melted chocolate and marshmallows. They were a hit with kids of course. My kitchen is a gooey chocolate mess though.

So yesterday I went to the tattoo parlor to get yet another tattoo. I have a bunch..or a few depending on who you are comparing me to, ha ha. So I'm in a rush to get there..traffic..running late. I HATE being late. I suppose I was a bit worked up. Anyway I get in the seat and my very kind artist starts to do the tattoo. Now know that I have sat through a 4 hour tattoo once. It wasn't fun, but I survived. So when 2 minutes in to this tattoo I feel a little weird, it was surprising. I asked if I could recline the chair and that is the last thing I remember until I begin to wake up. Anyone who has passed out knows how horrible it is. Your very disoriented waking up, and very sweaty and confused. So I open my eyes and she is holding my legs in the air, asking me if I'm o.k I say yes and she asks if I ate any food today. HMMM not enough I guess. I felt really bad for fainting and she kept saying it was o.k and was really nice. She even got me a sucker :) I felt better five minutes later and she finished in a little over a hour. I did feel weird all day though. YUCK So note to self: eat a HUGE meal before going under the needle. I never want that to happen again. I admit too, I'm a teeny big "gun shy" now of going back in a few months to get it finished.. I'm sure I will though.

Here is a picture of the peacock. Its going to be the bottom border of my 3/4 "sleeve" ( there is a bit of ink and blood on it still)


Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh, how scary! I'm glad you're OK. When do we get to see pics of the new tat?

Dani said...

Will do :)

Adam's Mom said...

I passed out in the middle of the mall once at a blood donation clinic. I know how awful it is to wake up in a not familiar place!

The tattoo looks sooo beautiful though! I love it!!