Thursday, December 13, 2007

One of those days..

When your kids are just crazy. They are so emotional and needy! It doesn't really stress me out as much as surprises me of how much ENERGY they require to keep happy today. I think they have all had at least 3 break downs. I'm pretty sure its because I let them stay up to watch yet another holiday show last night..So part of it feels like my fault.

The best part was during V's 3rd fit. She comes screaming, running towards me from upstairs. Crying like she has been beaten up by a linebacker.
V-" R hit meeeeeee SO HARD" sob sob sob "It hurtsssssss"
So I begin to look on her body for marks or whatever
Me- "Where did she hit you?"
V- "I don't know mom, ( sniff-sniff) I wasn't looking! "

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Adam's Mom said...

Haha! Love your crazy kid stories! And the pictures - priceless!!!