Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer fun

What a summer. We have been so busy. With camps and swimming lessons, and just playing outside! Yesterday we went to a youth circus that had children doing neat acrobatic stuff. The kids enjoyed it for sure. My little man's birthday is coming up too!
I have a large amount of back up photos to post. I may do that in the next few days.
My outside garden is really flourishing. It is almost jungle like. The best part is the humming birds! I keep trying to get photos of the little guys. I have a few but they aren't great.

August also got ANOTHER hair trim courtesy of his big sister. She was trying to make hat for him. In order to do that she needed to cut the fabric around his head. This resulted in the unfortunate loss of a chunk of hair. I kind of tried to fix it, then I decided to leave it and let it grow out.

Berry picking


Kathryn said...

I love hummingbirds! And bee balm, because it attracts them! Your garden must be looking fantastic right now. I love the picture of August. So sweet!

Ida said...

Love the hummingbird pic and of course of your kiddos.

Hope Floats said...

Adorable Dani...