Monday, July 20, 2009

4 Years old

My last baby was born 4 years ago today. He is such a bundle of sweetness topped with bizarre boy energy.
We had a bbq for him yesterday. We broke out the water pistols. You can imagine what happens when you give kids ages 3-9 water those things. Water and fun and of course some tears lol.

Today we just hung out, went to the beach and I told him that I would make him anything he wanted for all his meals HIS choice. So for breakfast he chose dutch babies, lunch he wanted mac and cheese lol, then for dinner he requested lasagna with salad and garlic bread. IM FULL! IT was good though. For dessert we are having fruit pizza. YUM!( sugar cookie dough cream cheese sweetened and fresh fruit yum)


Sarah said...

Happy birthday Auggie!! Man that fruit pizza looks good!

BiBi said...

That does look good!! I need to go visit you ;)

Happy Birthday little guy!!

Sheri said...

happy birthday to your man!! Love the pizza mmmmmmmm