Monday, March 9, 2009


August is totally in to dress up. He wants to be a doctor one minute, then Sandman from the Spider-man comic book the next.
He also demands that everything be turned in to a cape. We have made capes from all sorts of linens in this house. Mostly blankets. Thank goodness for safety pins! They are paramount for cape construction!


Ida said...

His face is changing now he looks like a little man. So cute.

Dani said...

He does look old in that picture. I think part of it is the angle or something. Because I think he looks a bit different in that photo too.

Jess said...

Playsilks in his Easter basket would be a huge hit if he loves dress up and capes! We are constantly tying them on Ella in various ways - pirate scarf, skirts, babyslings, nun veil, you name it - those things are versatile and PRETTY!

Kathryn said...

Super Auggie to the rescue!

BiBi said...

He does look different here!

I tell you Ice and Auggie would get along great! Ice now rides his bike dressed up as batman LOL!
And mine, one minute is batman, the next minute is Mr. Incredible :P