Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tired of snow yet?

beauty in the snow, originally uploaded by pics of us.

I am. Up to about 11 or so inches now.

I took a few photos, this is my favorite.
Her lashes are so amazing.

The other night august said to me " Mama, hug me until Christmas" while we were hugging/snuggling. It was so sweet. I told him I would love to but I might get hungry or have to go potty at some point. He giggled.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

MORE snow?

Wow, we are really getting hit this year. The kids missed 3 days of school last week plus one late arrival. We have about 4 inches from the last storm.. This may be small for some, but here that is a lot. Enough to make Seattle drivers not so happy. See we have many many hills here. It makes getting around difficult at times.
The kids are loving it. I'm liking it, but wish someone would plow a direct rout to my gym so I can work off all these Holiday cookies.
The snow IS putting a cramp on my running. Oh well, one cant control the weather.
So now they are saying we are supposed to get another snow storm plus a wind storm. Losing power really diminishes the neatness of this storm.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

snow snow snow

Brr brr brr.
Yep is is snowing here. Well actually not anymore. We got about 2 inches, which isn't a lot but enough for the kids to play in it a bit.

We also decorated the tree today. We walked to Walgreens in the snow for new lights, and picked white ones this year. I kind of wanted white and blue, but then I worried how it would look on the tree.

During our decorating I tried to get the kids to make Cheerio decorating strand things. Veda did the longest one, while August ended up dumping his in his hot chocolate and eating it..sounded interesting for sure!

The beginning of our tree decorating..not sure why the tree looks tilted :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hard to blog..

Cousins playing some tunes

with all that goes on during these last two months. The Holidays are here for most of us. Cooking, cleaning, shopping and of course stressing. For me, it is a time to decides where to go when and who to see. I have my Dads house, my Moms house, My second Dads house...then there is Sebastian's side of the family.. It all get very busy.
We got the kids picture with Santa and a whim. It is pretty cute. I would scan it if I scanner isn't working well. August insisted on wearing his ( Sebastian's) work shop goggles. Luckily he wore them on his head and not over his eyes. It makes for a funny picture thought. Aren't those the best ? The photo memories where one kid is wacky or something happens so that it ends up being memorable, and you have the silly photo to prove it!

I hate to write it but I have mentally and at least for now physically singed up for a 10K in January. It is only 6.2 miles which I have done once before( not a 10K race, but on my own 6 miles). The hard part is I hate the cold. I really can only stand it for a short time and then I must get warm . So running in 38 degree weather isn't fun. I want to do it though. Plus with all this holiday eating and drinking, I hope it will keep me from feeling disgusting come the new year.
So today I did 3.5 miles which was a good run. Unfortunately when you run at 4pm it starts to get dark. It does worry me a bit, but the last part and darkest part of my run is on a busy street so it is lit and there are plenty of cars and people out. Tonight on my run, someone thought it would be cool to honk at me. Now I may have known this person, but who knows. What I do know is it made me jump about 3 feet. So a note for anyone who sees someone they know running..please don't honk. It freaks us out :)