Sunday, November 23, 2008

School Photos

So This is my second year doing school photos for my little one's preschool. It is not something I usually do. Posed, with a back drop etc.. I must admit it was pretty painless and easy this time around. I really got some great shots of the kids. I think part of it was I knew what to expect, plus I did things a little better this year. I had a different color background. This was thanks to asking my sister what she liked most about her girls school pictures in the past. Then there was the fact that all the kids knew me. Last year they didn't really know me very well, so it was difficult for them to relax around me. Of course a few had it in their mind that they really didn't want to smile, others had poses in mind. I even got warned by one mom that her daughter had been practicing poses the day before. I was glad she wasn't surprised to see her daughter in that pose for her school pictures.
Veda was also one who insisted on a post. It pretty cute. Rosa even admitted that "it wasn't fair" that Veda and the other kids got to pose since they aren't aloud to at their school.
August's shot isn't very good. Mostly due to the fact that he had a slightly swollen and red eye. It went away the next day but it really shows in his picture. That and the fact he was having a "interesting"hair day that day.


SS said...

Show us Auggies Pic!

Adam and Megan's Mom said...

Totally have to see Auggie's pic now!